Our mission is to provide the best Japanese Style Alternative health treatments in Southern California.

ACUMEND is the brainchild of Elita Toscano and Andy Rollyson and was finally realized in the summer of 2020 during the worldwide COVID pandemic. Elita, a 21+ year practicing Japanese-style Acupuncturist, herbalist and naturopath had a desire to make services available to a wider group of people, and Andy was able to do the technical lifting. Together they form ACUMEND Pain Management.


Elita Toscano L.Ac.
Nutritionist, Naturopath

Elita Toscano is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of California and the United States. She studied a Japanese speciality under Sensei Kiiko Matsumoto, and has been practicing for 21 + years. She specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions, especially those where other treatments have failed.

Andy Rollyson
Director Of Operations

Andy has been an asset to multiple businesses over the last 20 years encompassing the music, non-profit, property management and sales. He's tech savvy and generally known as a self starter who works well with the public.